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Every day we aim to achieve awareness of all women about diagnosis of female cancers and especially about the early prevention of the disease.

Following a detailed statistical survey conducted with a broad representative sample, we found that a very large part of Greek women avoid annual inspections because of fear and mainly because of the high cost of the tests, which often are not covered by the funds. For this reason, we decided to stand by any woman who is struggling with cancer and to take action to protect public health.

So we created WiseAct

which is a comprehensive insurance program that allows you to have access to high quality medical services.

What is the WiseAct program?

More specifically, the WiseAct is the inspiration of a reliable company DAEDALUS Life Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers and constitutes the entire primary coverage of women without age limit. It is the first program in Greece, which focuses on women’s cancer (uterus, cervix, and breast) WITH 100% COVERAGE WITHOUT PARTICIPATION FUND. It refers to all ages, from the first month of birth to 99 years old, while it is the only product in the Greek Insurance Market that insures women who are already struggling with cancer.

What coverage is offered?

The WiseAct program covers the visit to doctors such as physician, cardiologist, orthopedist, gynecologist and surgeon, in a multitude of affiliated medical centers. Moreover, the program covers the visit in private medical centers with only 15-20 €, as well as the possibility of the electronic prescribing. Finally, by participating in WiseAct you have unlimited diagnostic tests in private hospitals, whether they are affiliated with any fund or not, and a variety of other medical covers such as physiotherapy, psychological support, and even holistic-alternative medicine with very little participation.

Benefit plan

In a few words, Wise Act is the first insurance program at European level which provides full medical coverage for women of all ages.
While the cost of preventive examinations in the market is around 340-480 €, the pioneering Wise Act program provides you a free integrated package gynecological examinations on valid diagnostic centers, with the cost of only 159€ per year. More information about our detailed program can be found in PDF file.

The innovation of Wise Act is based on the offered wide coverage, as well as on the bonus of 15,000€, which is given to a possible diagnosis of the disease.
The total price for the program is 239 € per year.

Protect your body by starting with simple steps

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